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If you were injured by another driver’s negligence or recklessness, you probably already know that you are eligible for compensation. However, you may have questions about exactly what kinds of damages or losses personal injury victims can claim.

Here at the Law Offices of Jorge Luis Colón, P.A., we counsel and represent motor vehicle accident victims in Gainesville, Ocala and the surrounding areas of Florida. We can help you understand the various types of personal injury damages, and we can work with you to gain the full compensation you deserve.

Types of Damages

The exact damages that pertain to your case depend on the details of your individual situation, but here are some common kinds:

  • Past lost wages: You can usually claim compensation for all wages that were lost as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.
  • Future lost earnings: If you can no longer work due to the accident, or you can no longer earn the same amount, you can seek compensation for the wages that you could reasonably have been expected to earn.
  • Past medical expenses: Most people can pursue compensation for outstanding out-of-pocket medical expenses at the time of settlement. However, it is wise to have the help of a lawyer to distinguish between what kind of medical bills count as “out-of-pocket” expenses.
  • Future medical expenses: Once you settle your case, you cannot go back to the insurance company later and ask for more money. That is why you need to make sure you get enough to pay for any future medical treatment or expenses that are likely to occur. For instance, you may need future surgery, regular injections or ongoing prescription drugs.
  • Pain, suffering and mental anguish: Compensation for pain and suffering is often based on how your quality of life is affected by the accident. If you are no longer able to enjoy the same activities you once did or your relationships with significant others are affected, you may possibly be able to claim pain and suffering damages.
  • Loss of consortium: Your spouse may also have a claim for loss of companionship, support and services from you. This is called a consortium claim. For instance, his or her workload may have increased, the ability for sexual intimacy may have decreased, or other aspects of the relationship may have been affected.
  • Punitive: Punitive damages are generally awarded as an additional punishment to the at-fault party. Drunk drivers, for instance, may be subject to such damages.

Do You Need a Gainesville Punitive Damages Attorney?

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