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If you are considering divorce, or your spouse has filed for divorce against you, you cannot afford to be confused or intimidated. The outcome of your divorce will carry lasting consequences for you. If you make a mistake or agree to something you do not understand, the courts will not be forgiving. At the Law Offices of Jorge Luis Colón, P.A., we protect our clients and help them in every aspect of their divorce. From our offices in Gainesville and Ocala, divorce lawyer Jorge Luis Colón will work closely with you to help you through the process. Contact us by e-mail, call 352-484-1845 or toll free at 888-459-5051 to schedule a consultation.

Answering Your Questions

Can you move out without being prejudiced in the divorce? Who pays the family’s expenses during and after the divorce proceeding? How does the court determine who should care for the children, and when? Should I change my insurance or retirement information? How long will it take to complete the divorce? Family law proceedings can be intensely personal. Almost any action you take with regard to your family may be analyzed or discussed as part of your divorce. We help our clients make the right choices to protect their interests.

Florida courts often require you to go through mediation before they will hear your arguments. Unless you can reach an agreement on all issues as part of an uncontested divorce, you will need to work through the mediation process to try to reach an amicable resolution. We can prepare you for this process and help you get what you need in the most efficient manner possible. If mediation is unsuccessful, we are not afraid to fight for our clients in court.

Gainesville Alimony Lawyer

Support and alimony arrangements can dictate your financial health after a divorce. Many people find themselves unable to meet their obligations after a divorce. It is vital to protect yourself by seeking the proper level of support in your situation.

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