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The Law Offices of Jorge Luis Colón, P.A., represents clients in all aspects of family law and divorce cases, including child support disputes and modifications. Our Florida law firm can help you navigate through the legal and emotional challenges that so often accompany such personal matters. It is important to have a lawyer represent your interests during these difficult times because the decisions made now can have profound and lasting consequences.

Child Support Enforcement Attorney in Gainesville

At our law firm, we are experienced with all issues regarding child support and child maintenance, and we can make sure that your parental rights are protected. All too often parents who want to avoid paying child support resort to tactics such as underreporting income, leaving their jobs or working below their earning capacity.

Conversely, some parents pay too much because no adjustment is made for substantial overnight visitation, payment of child care costs or health insurance. It is important to have legal representation in child support matters so that the correct amount of child support is calculated.

Health Insurance and Child Care Expenses

Florida’s child support statute requires the court to add certain expenses to the basic obligation required by the guidelines to compute a child support award. The court must add the costs of providing health insurance for the child to the basic obligation, if the order includes a provision for health insurance coverage.

In addition, if either parent incurs child care costs due to his or her employment, job search, or education calculated to either result in employment or enhance income, a percentage of the costs must be added to the basic obligation.

Child support calculations can be complex, but don’t worry. We will guide you through the process and give you the information and personal attention you need to protect your interests.

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