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Felony defense attorney Jorge Luis Colón is committed to providing aggressive representation and high-quality defense to every client we represent. At the Law Offices of Jorge Luis Colón, P.A., we defend clients facing felony charges in Florida criminal courts. We work closely with our clients to help them navigate the criminal justice system. To discuss your case with a knowledgeable lawyer, contact us online, call 352-484-1845 or toll free at 888-459-5051 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Understanding What You Are Facing

A felony is a crime that is punishable by more than one year in a state penitentiary. In Florida, there are different levels of felony offenses which dictate the maximum potential punishment.

Classification of Felony Maximum Sentence Maximum Fine
Capital felony Death
Life felony 40 years to life $15,000.00
Felony of the first degree 30 years $10,000.00
Felony of the second degree 15 years $10,000.00
Felony of the third degree 5 years $5,000.00

Whether you are charged with drug possession in Gainesville or need an Ocala assault and battery attorney, you cannot afford to make mistakes in your defense. You need an experienced lawyer on your side. We handle all types of felony prosecution, including defending against charges of fraud, grand theft, felony DUI, felony fleeing, stalking, drug crimes, violent crimes and other offenses.

Defending Your Rights

Our defense strategy will be tailored to your situation. If we cannot get your charges dismissed, we can negotiate with prosecutors to reduce the potential penalties you are facing. If an acceptable agreement cannot be reached, we have the skill and dedication to fight for you in court. We are committed to serving our clients’ best interests in everything we do.

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