Modifications to Custody, Child Support, Alimony and Other Family Law Concerns

When the court makes an order regarding parenting or support, that order is based on your situation at the time. As circumstances change, you may need to modify the existing agreement to serve your needs and the needs of your child. At the Law Offices of Jorge Luis Colón, P.A., we have substantial experience helping clients with post-decree modification cases. To discuss you situation with an experienced Ocala divorce modification lawyer, contact us online, call 352-484-1845 or toll free at 888-459-5051.

Gainesville Support Modification Lawyer

A change in the financial situation of one or both parents may require that child support or alimony payments be adjusted. In Florida, many older child support orders do not account for a change in support when one or more children become too old to qualify. If a certain amount of support was ordered to cover three children, the payments do not automatically shrink as the children age out. You must go through the proper steps to make an adjustment to support for it to reflect these new circumstances.

In some cases, support payments become impossible because of job loss or other changing circumstances. Changes in the time-sharing (custody) arrangement can also lead to an unfair support allocation. We will sit down with you to discuss your options in modifying support.

Modifications to Parenting Time Orders

As children get older, they may prefer to spend more or less time with a parent. Courts will take the reasonable preference of the child into account if the child is sufficiently mature. A change in the child’s preference may also coincide with other significant changes. A new step-parent, substance abuse or physical abuse, and other changes in the parenting environment can lead to a modification to the time-sharing arrangement between parents. We provide aggressive, caring representation in all custody modification issues.

Parent/Child Relocation Cases

Relocation situations are handled differently than modification cases. If you or your co-parent are intending to move, you need to discuss your options with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible. Contact us by e-mail, call 352-484-1845 or toll free at 888-459-5051 to speak with us about your legal needs.